Homeowner of the Month – Dickon and Elly Green

Meet the Green Family, our homeowners of the month, to find out all about their stunning home on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland.

This month Stay One Degree caught up with Dickon and Elly Green whose stunning sporting estate on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis (view home) is set in one of the most spectacular positions in Scotland, amidst turquoise sea, white sand, dramatic mountains and shimmering lochs. The couple live here with their three small children Arthur, Marsaili and Kitty so the running of the lodge is very much a family affair.

 How long have you owned your property and what made you choose to live in Stornaway?

It has been in the Green family since 1984 run as a fishing lodge and holiday destination. In 1984 Malcolm (my father) also set up the Award Winning Uig Lodge salmon smokers (the best smoked salmon in the world, available at Selfridges and various farm shops and delis throughout the UK, do try some!). 

I was brought up in Worcestershire and became involved with the smokery business in 2002, a year after leaving Newcastle University. Elly and I married in 2011 and decided to move up to Lewis and live here full time. We also took on the running of both the smokery and the letting business. We have three young children who were all born on Lewis – it is a fantastic place to bring up small children because they have such freedom here to explore and generally get up to mischief!

The lodge is stylish and cosy, did you do the interior design yourself or have help from an expert?

It was primarily my stepmother (Joanna Green) who was responsible for the initial interior changes back in 2010 -2011. She had an interior design background and did a great job. Elly then took this on when we moved up here and has been steadily improving things as every year things need to be done.

What do you love most about the house and why?

Its location as it sits amidst mountains, lochs and rivers, overlooking Uig Sands which has got to be one of the best beaches in the World – not that we are biased of course?!

What is one thing guests staying in your house shouldn’t leave without doing?

Walking on Uig Sands at low tide and walking down along the river which winds its way around the beach.

Any insider tips for your guests?

Best surfing beach = Cliff – this can be great for surfing!
Best kiting / kite surfing= Uig Bay.
Best spot for a skinny dip…..Borranish Bridge but beware the occasional walker who may appear!!

What’s your favourite place to eat in the area?

There is the Edge Café, Aird Uig, Loch Croistean and the Community Café. Maybe a new restaurant?!😜 We are building a restaurant overlooking the beach which will be called Uig Sands Restaurant. We hope to have this finished in 2018 so we’ll keep you posted!

What made you work with Stay One Degree to rent out your home?

It is just a great idea, if you are renting your home out to a network of friends and mutual connections you have extra confidence that it will be looked after. It is also fabulous to be a member of a network of such amazing properties and we can’t wait to visit some of our fellow members’ homes. The booking fees are much lower than the usual rates so this is appealing too!


Thanks to Dickon and Elly for chatting with Stay One Degree. Click here to learn more about their Outer Hebridean home and book your trip for a skinny dip in Stornaway!

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