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Magical Mykonos…and a member who has fallen for the Greek way of life

Over the past thirty years or so, the low-lying, sun-drenched island of Mykonos in the Aegean has been considered one of the most elegant island holiday destinations in Greece. For years, the Cycladic island has welcomed everyone, including our Stay One Degree homeowner, Quentin Moyes, but what was it about this paradise island that he bought into? We have a chat with Quentin to find out his design inspiration…and also get his top tips on where to eat and what to do whilst you’re there.

Why Mykonos?

Well, for me, it all comes down to the opportunities here, plus a love story with the island. Mykonos is one of the few islands in Greece that has an international airport, so the numerous amazing beaches, the clean architecture, a lack of big buildings, no advertising bill boards, no hotel chains, good restaurants, plus no coca cola umbrellas or plastic chairs on the beach, attract a very discerning crowd from across the world. Also, there is something about Mykonos that makes you free – I mean really free. There’s no stress – you can do whatever you want and be whoever you want to be. 

We understand you are an interior designer, what is your signature style and do you apply it to all your properties? 

What is important to me when I design a new house or renovate it, is to do something in keeping with the building and the location. What I mean by that is that I would never do French 17th century style in a modern steel skyscraper in New York City, even if that’s what a client wanted and was willing to pay a lot for it – it just doesn’t work for me. The design must match the building, absolutely. So here in Mykonos, I am trying to design villas with local simple architecture, round shapes, white walls, grey or blue for the wood, marble or simple concrete for the floors, simple furniture all of which combined set the scene and put you in the Greek island mood, but with the luxurious comfort we all want to have at the same time.

What is your favourite part of designing a home?

I love designing the doors, and also the flooring. I pay a lot of attention to both of these things when the budget allows. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Literally from the place where the project is located – the surroundings, the mood, the setting. And from my travels too; I sometimes manage to adapt a few ideas. 

Are there any interior designers whose style you particularly admire?

I really like Vincent Van Duysen’s style and Pierre Yovanovitch has amazing taste. I also love what Studio KO is doing particularly the YSL Foundation in Marrakech.

Tell us about any favourite pieces of furniture that you’ve bought?

I am in love with everything by designer Mathieu Lehanneur – he creates such amazing objects and lights – though probably not for the villas in Mykonos, but for my Parisian apartment!

Is there a particular room you like doing more than the others?

The kitchen is a key room in any house I think. It’s where everything is happening so it has to be well thought out. I cook a lot myself and so pay a lot of attention to the equipment and design of the kitchen. 

Where do you do your shopping to furnish your homes? 

I design a lot of the furniture myself and have it made it by local contractors or from Athens and Thessaloniki. I also buy and import things from France and Italy mostly, plus I buy some decorative items at the flea market in Athens, Istanbul and Paris too. 

And tell us about each of your properties…

Well, each villa is different from the others. 

  • View home Perfect for large groups, it can host up to 12 people plus four children, and has lovely, large outdoor spaces. 
  • View home Good for either a single family or for a group of friends. The decor is really pretty in this villa. 
  • View home Great for large groups of friends, the villa has five bedrooms and large spaces. The decor is modern Greek.
  • View home A lovely cosy four-bedroom villa. Simply and nicely decorated and great for a family or for a group of friends. 

All of the villas very conveniently located being under ten minutes from the town and five minutes from the supermarket – it’s easy to get anywhere and everywhere from them – and each one is south facing.

 When it comes to eating out, the options are plentiful, but Quentin shares some of his top finds with us…

Alemagou Beach Bar Restaurant serves excellent food. It’s a very cool bohemian hangout on a chic beach where all the Mykonos aficionados go. The crowd is great, the music is amazing, and the spot is perfect. The DJs are fantastic, which make for excellent parties.

Scorpios is also great. They serve Mediterranean food in a very trendy upbeat environment. The cool crowd heads to Scorpios for sunset cocktails and to party. It’s the perfect place to gather under a shady canopy for long, leisurely meals that can stretch on into the night surrounded by and stunning sunset and live music.

Captain’s, situated on the old port of Mykonos, is a local simple restaurant that offers diners the very best of local cuisine. It’s affordable, but they serve up seriously top quality products – it’s a favourite of mine, I always go there

180º Sunset Bar is an absolute must for it’s amazing views.

Lastly, don’t leave Mykonos without taking a day trip out on a boat where you can snorkel around nearby islands, Delos and Rhinia – an absolute fantastic experience.



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